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logo sm ASOMA

Model 682T-HP

PHOENIX II - Polarized Excitation
PHOENIX II - Direct Excitation

logo sm CHANDLER

Gas Chromatographs Portable (292B)
Gas Gravitometers Portable
Chanscope II Dew Point Tester
Standard Bureau of Mines Dew Point Tester


Dycor Benchtop
DyMaxion RGA
DyMaxion Enclosed Ion Source
Mobile Cart System
System 2000 Software

LC-D Series RGA

ProLine Mass Spec
ProMaxion Mass Spec
ProMaxion Mass Spec - PAT

logo sm LAND

Genesis WDG 1200/1210
FGA 900 Series
LANCOM 200 Portable
Model 9100 CO
Model 4200+
Model 4500 MkIII

Lancom 4

Mill and Silo Fire Detector

logo sm PI

Laser - Model 5100
Laser - Model 5100 HD

Model 303B Moisture Analyzer
Model 3050 Moisture Analyzer
Model 5000 Moisture Analyzer
Model 2850 Moisture Analyzer
Model 5800 Moisture Analyzer
Model 5812 Moisture Analyzer
Model 5830 Moisture Analyzer

Model 5910 UHP Moisture Analyzer
Model 5920 UHP Moisture Analyzer

logo sm THERMOX

WDG-V Combustion Analyzer
WDG-IV Products
WDG Insitu 2000 Probes
WDG 1200/WDG 1210 Insitu Probes

Insitu Replacement Probes

CEM O2 Analyzer
Premix 2000

CG1000 Oxygen Analyzer
CG1100 Oxygen Analyzer
TM2000 Oxygen Analyzer

Model 120HD

logo sm trace

ta3000 Gas Analyzer
ta5000 Gas Analyzer
ta7000 Gas Analyzer
MGB1000 Micro Gas Blender
Sigma 4000 Multipoint Stream Selector

logo sm WR 

IPS-4 Integrated Photometric Spectrometer
Model 880
Model 881
Model 888

Model 900
Model 909
Model 910
Model 914
Model 919
Model 920
Model 930
Model 931
Model 932
Model 933
Model 934
Model 9900RM

Model 241 CE II

Model 4000
Model 4500
Model 4660

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