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AMETEK Process Instruments is a worldwide manufacturer of process analyzers and instrumentation. A Business Unit of the Process & Analytical Instruments division of AMETEK, Inc., we are part of a global corporation with 2015 sales of $4 billion (USD). 

The markets we serve are ever expanding. They include:
  • power generation
  • metals refining and production
  • pharmaceutical research and manufacturing
  • natural gas
  • refining and petrochemicals
  • semiconductor chip manufacturing
  • air separation and industrial gas production
  • combustion control for boilers and process heaters
  • glass manufacturing
  • thermal oxidizer control
  • pulp & paper production
  • environmental and pollution monitoring
  • fuel cell research
  • glass manufacturing
  • and many others
Our engineering and manufacturing activities take place in several North American facilities. We have direct sales and service offices scattered around the globe, as well as a wide network of factory-trained manufacturer’s representatives, distributors, and service technicians.

At AMETEK Process Instruments, we focus our experience on designing new, innovative analyzers that help our customers achieve higher levels of productivity and quality. We do this by seeking out ways to overcome the limitations of current methods of process monitoring, control, and quality assurance. It is through this focus that we have created some of the most unique and capable technologies in the world.

Our primary focus in analyzer design is reliability. We understand that you must have confidence that the analyzer will provide the correct information when you need it. It is a documented fact that many of our analyzers have been in service for well over 20 years.

Our core competencies include widely varying applications and industries such as:
  • Sulfur recovery processes
  • Coal fired power generation
  • Combustion / process heating
  • Pharmaceutical solvent drying processes
  • Pollution / emissions monitoring
  • Monitoring of mammalian cell cultures and fermentation
  • Natural gas processing and transmission
  • Refining and petrochemical processes
  • Heat treating atmosphere monitoring / control
  • Vacuum analysis / residual gas analysis
  • Analysis of moisture in hydrocarbon gases and high purity gases
  • Contamination monitoring of high and ultra high purity gases
  • Quality monitoring of gas and liquid feed-stocks and products
  • Reaction monitoring
  • Chemical composition analysis of gases and liquids
Our product technologies currently include:
  • UV, Vis, and IR process analyzers
  • Tunable Diode Laser Absorption
  • Process moisture analyzers based upon electrolytic and quartz crystal technologies
  • Residual gas analyzers
  • Process mass spectrometers
  • Manual and on-line chilled-mirror dew point analyzers
  • Zirconia oxygen analyzers for combustion control, furnace atmosphere control, air/fuel mixing control, and trace oxygen analysis
  • Gas chromatographs
  • Gas gravitometers
  • Liquid densitometers
We maintain our knowledgeable positions in these markets because we strive to know, understand, and meet each customer's needs. We manufacture over a dozen, application-specific analyzers for the sulfur recovery industry alone. We provide technical training seminars and publish technical information in support of our customers' efforts to understand and improve the operations of their facilities.

At AMETEK Process Instruments, we understand that no single solution is applicable to all applications or processes. We maintain the capability to understand and evaluate your unique needs and applications. If a pre-engineered solution does not meet your needs, we will custom-design a solution for you based upon one of our unique technologies. We pride ourselves on our ability, and willingness, to produce unique analyzers and solutions for our customers.

We routinely design and manufacture sample handling and conditioning systems for use with our analyzers. In addition, we design cabinets and shelters to meet any environmental concerns or considerations. We have done it all from a simple instrument to a million dollar, multi-analyzer shelter for use in hazardous locations.

Our customer commitment continues well beyond start-up and commissioning of the analyzers. AMETEK Process Instruments has over 100 factory-trained service technicians worldwide to support our customers' needs. Moreover, we offer a wide variety of service plans to meet their needs. AMETEK Service Assistance Program (ASAP) plans range from pre-paid routine maintenance visits, to 24 hour per day 365 day per year phone support, to 24 hour on-site support for emergency service visits. We have the commitment and the resources necessary to support our customers anywhere in the world. You can find more information about our service and training capabilities within the Service section of this web site.

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