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AMETEK Process Instruments product brands are synonymous with unrivaled reliability and premium quality.

Roots trace back to 1962 when the Model 400 Photometric Analyzer was first sold commercially as part of custom-designed solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industries. In 1967, THERMOX pioneered the use of zirconium oxide for combustion oxygen measurement. THERMOX was once again on the leading edge of combustion control in 1979 when it introduced combined oxygen and combustibles measurement in one overall combustion analyzer.

Additional milestones in the brand history include:

  • The acquisition of Dycor’s mass spectrometer technology in 1986
  • The acquisition of Process Instruments and its moisture and UV-Vis technologies from DuPont in 1989
  • The acquisition of Western Research’s UV and on-line chilled mirror technologies in 1998
  • The introduction of the Proline bench-top process mass spectrometer in 2002
  • The merger of the THERMOX and Process Instruments business units in 2002
  • The introduction of the Promaxion industrial process mass spectrometer in 2003
  • The acquisition of Chandler Engineering’s Pipeline Products for natural gas quality monitoring in 2003
  • The acquisition of Trace Analytical’s gas chromatography technology for gas purity monitoring in 2004
  • The acquisition of LAND Instruments by AMETEK Process and Analytical Instruments division in 2006 
  • The merger of the SPECTRO ASOMA x-ray products in 2009 
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