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THERMOX analyzers are among the most established combustion monitoring and control devices available today. A broad range of products is available for analyzing oxygen, combustibles, and methane in flue gases for combustion control, safety, and thermal NOx reduction. Industries served include Electric Power Generation, Petroleum Refining, Petrochemical Processing, Cement & Lime Manufacturing, Glass and Ceramics, Pulp & Paper, Iron & Steel, and Non-Ferrous Metals production.

THERMOX is now happy to announce the THERMOX WDG V Combustion Analyzer, a new standard of excellence from a company with more than 40 years experience in combustion analyzers.

Click here to view the complete line of THERMOX Products.

See our full line of LAND Combustion and Environmental monitors.

Check out our Fuel Efficiency Calculator.

Oxygen and Combustibles Measurement for Combustion Efficiency

Flue gas oxygen, combustibles, methane analyzers for gas/oil/coal & biofuels - fired boilers and plant process heaters for NOx efficiency, safety and process control.

Furnace and Inert Atmosphere Control Analyzers

Oxygen analyzers for PPM O2 in inert blanketing gases and extended-range oxygen analyzers for monitoring premix burner atmospheres in glass, metal, and ceramics coating, curing and surface treating furnaces.

Oxygen for CEM and Flue Gas Conditioning Systems

Analyzers for Continuous Emissions (Pollution) Monitoring Systems and Wet/Dry ESP outlet flue gas scrubbing.

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